APS Airbreathing Propulsion Subcommittee
CS Combustion Subcommittee
CPIAC Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center
EPTS Exhaust Plume Technology Subcommittee
JPM JANNAF Propulsion Meeting
LPS Liquid Propulsion Subcommittee
MSS Modeling and Simulation Subcommittee
NDES Nondestructive Evaluation Subcommittee
PEDCS Propellant & Explosives Development and Characterization Subcommittee
PSHS Propulsion Systems Hazards Subcommittee
RNTS Rocket Nozzle Technology Subcommittee
S&MBS Structures & Mechanical Behavior Subcommittee
SEPS Safety & Environmental Protection Subcommittee
SPIRITS Spectral and In-Band Radiometric Imaging of Targets and Scenes
SPS Spacecraft Propulsion Subcommittee
TSG Technical Steering Group