Security/Attendance and Portal Requirements

The overall security level of the meeting is SECRET.

  • Unclassified sessions will be held at Newport News Marriott at City Center in Newport News, Virginia.
  • Classified sessions will be held at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, approximately a fifteen minute drive from the hotel.

Portal Account Information

Portal Account holders: If you already have an account, click on the "Register for the December meeting" link on the left side of this page, log into your Portal account, and complete the brief registration questionnaire.

If your Portal account has expired or you have forgotten your password, click here for instructions.

Need to create a Portal account?
Watch this helpful Portal Account Tutorial (click on the image to begin). This tutorial includes audio.


When you are ready to set up your Portal account, go to and click on "Create a new account" (top right corner of the screen). Please review the list of helpful hints, provided below, before creating a Portal account:

  • A list of the information you will need in order to complete the online Portal application form is provided at the top of the form.
    • Non-Government Attendees: DD 2345 is one of the items you must have to obtain a Portal account. For additional information, contact the Joint Certification Program Office (JCP) at 1-800-352-3572 or visit their Web site at
  • Please do not begin the form until you have gathered all of the listed information; it is important that you complete the form in its entirety without abandoning it.
  • Once you have completed your portion of the online form, please allow sufficient time for this process as it may take several days for your account to be approved.
  • You will receive two email messages--one to verify your email address (simply click on the link in this email; no other action is required), and one to inform you when your account has been approved (click on the link in this email, then click on "login" to create and confirm your account password).
  • Once you have set up your Portal account login, return to the Registration Page to register for the December meeting. Obtaining a JANNAF Secure Portal account does NOT constitute meeting registration. You must still complete the applicable steps indicated on the Registration Page.

Security/Attendance Information

To qualify to attend this meeting, all attendees must be:

  • Employed by a DoD, DoE, or NASA facility, OR with a DoD, DoE, or NASA contractor facility eligible for receipt of militarily-critical technical data.
  • U.S. citizens qualified to receive unclassified, limited-distribution information. No foreign nationals will be permitted to attend.

In addition, CLASSIFIED SESSION attendance is restricted to U.S. citizens who possess, at minimum, a SECRET U.S. Security Clearance with a need-to-know in the areas of rocket, missile, space, or gun propulsion.

Questions concerning attendance eligibility should be directed to the JHU WSE ERG Facility Security Officer, Mary Gannaway, at or (410) 992-7304, ext. 211. You may also contact Tricia Reider at or (410) 992-7300, ext. 222.

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