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Below you will find the information needed to successfully format, complete, and submit your paper (if submitting one). Please refer to this site often for program updates and author alerts.

Policy Regarding Papers:

  • Papers are not required for this virtual JANNAF meeting.
  • The JANNAF policy of "no paper, no podium" will not be in effect for this meeting.
  • Papers are welcome and encouraged, and those submitted will be published in the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) after the meeting.
  • Presentations and associated Papers can have different distribution statements (see below for additional details)

NOTE: You must have an active JANNAF Secure Portal Account in order to submit a presentation, paper, or Publication Clearance Form.


  • Papers with distribution statement A or C, submitted before or during the meeting, will be made available in the Virtual Reading Room during the meeting
  • A minimum of one (1) business day following submission is needed to make Papers available in the Virtual Reading Room
  • Papers submitted before, during, or after the meeting (until Friday, 14 January 2022) will be published in the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) within 12 weeks following the conclusion of the meeting
  • Papers with distribution statement B, D, or E will be included in JDOC with meta-data only.
  • Friday, 14 January 2022 - last opportunity to submit papers for inclusion in JDOC.
  • If the Distribution Statement for the paper is different from the presentation, submit a NEW Publication Clearance Form with the paper.

    Note:When submitting a second Publication Clearance Form, please combine both forms (the original form submitted with your presentation and the new form for your paper) into one folder and compress or "zip" that folder prior to uploading. This will prevent the new form from overwriting the original form submitted.
  • If no Paper is submitted, the Presentation will be published in JDOC.

Preparing Papers: