Technology Requirements

In order to optimize your virtual meeting experience, it is critical that the DoD-approved Microsoft Teams platform run as smoothly as possible on your device. Performance of the platform can be negatively impacted by an individualís internet connection, security settings on their computer or network, your organization's IT policies, and more. For this reason, ERG has developed a detailed list of steps to optimize your experience during the virtual JANNAF meeting. Adhering to these guidelines is particularly important for this meeting, as dial-in phone participation is not supported.

You are strongly urged to review and follow the technical guidance as far in advance of the meetingís start date as possible to ensure that your computer, network, and organization's IT policies will allow for your seamless participation. This is important for all participants, but especially for those who have not used the DoD-approved version of Microsoft Teams previously. You are urged to review and implement these guidelines regardless of your registration status. The sooner you prepare your device to use DoD-approved Microsoft Teams, the better. To view and download them, click the button below.

Computer Requirements

DoD Teams Testing Sessions

To help attendees and participants confirm compatibility, identify technical issues, and gain familiarity with the platform, ERG will offer Microsoft Teams for DoD Testing Sessions in the weeks leading up to the meeting. Particularly if you have not previously used the DoD-approved version of Microsoft Teams, you are strongly urged to join one of these two scheduled sessions. Click here for more information.


Virtual platform and technology requirements

Bruce Dennett at or (443) 718-5003, ext. 214
Rowan Harcourt-Brooke at or (410) 992-7304, ext. 203

Attendee, Presenter, and Session Chair Participation Guidelines

Shelley Cohen at or (410) 992-7302, ext. 215
Gabrielle Delisle-Ballard at or (410) 992-7300, ext. 208