Participation & Expectations

Due to unique features and challenges associated with ITAR-restricted virtual meetings, we have provided some guidance to help you understand how this virtual meeting will proceed, and how to make the most of your experience.

The links below outline procedures, expectations, and best practices to provide a better understanding of this virtual meeting. This includes guidance for joining sessions and participating in the meeting. Click the button below that best describes your participation status to download the guidelines best suited to you. You must log in to your JANNAF Secure Portal Account in order to view these files.

Meeting Participation Guidelines
JANNAF Secure Portal Account required

Attendee         Presenter/Session Chair

Advance Planning for Successful Virtual Meeting Participation

  • Attend sessions using DoD-approved Microsoft Teams web browser interface; do not use your Microsoft Teams desktop application
    • Must be Chromium-based web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium)
    • Dial-in participation is not supported for this meeting
  • Ensure that your computer and your organizationís IT policies support access to Microsoft Teams for DoD, even before registering
  • If you have not previously used the DoD-approved version of Microsoft Teams, plan to participate in one of the two DoD Teams Testing Sessions to confirm your computer and audio are properly configured.

Joining Sessions

To access the "2021 December JANNAF Meeting - ALL ATTENDEES" Small Team:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your JANNAF Portal Account.
  3. Click HERE to go directly to the ALL ATTENDEES Small Team page.
    This link will only work if you are currently logged in to your JANNAF Portal Account AND you have already received your Small Team confirmation email after completing your Meeting Registration Form. Do not share information from this Small Team with any individuals who are not registered to attend this meeting.

Click here for a downloadable copy of these instructions, which includes additional information regarding more restricted (Distribition B and Distribution D) sessions.

Important Information about Your Participation:

  • The link to each session (and the unique dial-in number for those who need it) will be made available the morning that session is scheduled to take place.
    • For sessions accessible to all attendees, this information will be provided in the "2021 December JANNAF Meeting - ALL ATTENDEES" Small Team on
    • Access information for more restricted sessions (Distribution B and D) will be provided in separate Small Teams limited only to qualified registered attendees.
    • The Small Teams are only accessible to attendees who have completed the online Meeting Registration Form and have an active JANNAF Secure Portal Account.
    • For instructions to access the Small Teams, CLICK HERE.
  • Plan to join a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of each session you plan to attend. This will provide sufficient time for the session hosts to confirm the identity of each attendee before allowing admission into the virtual meeting room.

Review the Meeting Participation Guidelines above for more detailed guidance and information that will help you make the most of this virtual meeting.


Virtual platform and technology requirements

Bruce Dennett at or (443) 718-5003, ext. 214
Rowan Harcourt-Brooke at or (410) 992-7304, ext. 203

Attendee, Presenter, and Session Chair Participation Guidelines

Shelley Cohen at or (410) 992-7302, ext. 215
Gabrielle Delisle-Ballard at or (410) 992-7300, ext. 208