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Below you will find information needed to successfully format, complete, and submit your presentation. Please refer to this site often for program updates and author alerts.

Policies Regarding Presentations:

  • Presentations are due on Friday, 18 November 2022. Be aware that limited assistance will be available onsite and that presentations submitted at the meeting will be uploaded to the session laptop as-is.
  • Submitting presentations and Publication Clearance Forms late may be grounds for removal from the agenda.
  • In order to ensure presentation audiences are restricted appropriately based on the distribution statements provided by authors, presentations with a distribution statement more restrictive than A or C must be placed at the beginning of session agendas. If your presentation's distribution statement has changed from what you initially indicated, notify the JANNAF meetings team ( ) immediately so that the session agenda can be adjusted. We may be unable to accommodate changes received after 18 November.
  • All presentations, unless otherwise noted in the program, are scheduled for 25 minutes plus a 5-minute post-presentation Q&A period.
    Note: We will be adhering strictly to the final session agenda start/end times for presentations.
  • A JANNAF Publication Clearance Form must be submitted along with the presentation. The paper and presentation may share a Publication Clearance Form if the information and signature provided on the form apply equally to both.
  • Papers and associated Presentations can have different distribution statements (see below for additional details)
  • Each presentation must be marked appropriately according to the Distribution Statement and CUI designation indicated on its respective JANNAF Publication Clearance Form.

NOTE: You must have an active JANNAF Secure Portal Account in order to submit a presentation, paper, or Publication Clearance Form.

Deadlines for this meeting have been established to ensure that ERG has sufficient time to vet your presentation file and Publication Clearance Form. If your paper is accepted, please plan to submit your presentation by the due date (18 November 2022) to ensure the best outcome. The JANNAF policy for this meeting will be "No paper, No presentation, No publication clearance form, No podium."


  • Presentations will be published in the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) in addition to papers, except in the event that the submitted JANNAF Publication Clearance Form indicates that the presentation may not be published.
  • If a presentation is marked with a Distribution Statement other than A or C, only its metadata will be published and the presentation will be available to qualified individuals by request only.
  • If your presentation and paper have different distribution statements, submit a separate Publication Clearance Form for each.
    Note: When submitting a second Publication Clearance Form, please combine both forms into one folder and compress or "zip" that folder prior to uploading. This will prevent the new form from overwriting the original form submitted.

Resources for presentation preparation can be found on the left side of the screen, and include: