Author Timeline / Deadlines

Reference the timeline provided below for key dates and deadlines needed to successfully participate in the June 2022 JANNAF Meeting.

Add these dates to your personal calendar so that you can plan and prepare accordingly.

Weeks before Meeting
3 Dec 2021
Deadline for receipt of abstracts via Abstract Submittal Site.
6 Dec 2021
Deadline date for workshop and specialist session request forms.
21 Feb 2022
Estimated date for acceptance/rejection letters sent to authors. Delayed till week of 28 February.
11 March 2022
Deadline for changes to Meeting Invitation and Preliminary Program.
11 March 2022
Authors begin preparing presentation and writing paper (if applicable). Factor at least 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks for internal and/or customer review into your personal timeline in order to meet paper and presentation due dates.
11 March 2022
Make sure your JANNAF Portal account is active and you can log in. Don't have one? Apply now. A Portal account is required to view Preliminary Program, upload your files, and is a pre-requisite to registering for and attending the meeting. Review the Registration process and requirements HERE.
1 Apr 2022
Deadline for award nominations.
8 Apr 2022
Estimated date Meeting Invitation, Preliminary Program, and registration instructions will be posted online.
22 Apr 2022
Deadline for submission of changes to Final Program.
22 Apr 2022
Deadline for final detailed agendas and all Invited Presentation details for Specialist Sessions and Workshops.
25 Apr 2022
Due date for Student papers being considered for Best Student Paper award.
6 May 2022
Papers and Publication Clearance Forms due. Author must have active Portal account to upload. Classified papers must be mailed to ERG.
Papers not received by this date may be removed from the program.
11 May 2022
If attending classified sessions, last day to submit completed Security Clearance Certification Form (DoE and NASA employees and ALL contractors) or Visit Authorization Request (VAR) (DoD employees only).
16 May 2022
Last day to make JANNAF discounted rate reservations at Newport News Marriott at City Center.
NOTE: JANNAF discounted rooms could sell out earlier than this date.
20 May 2022
Presentations due. Unclassified to ERG; Classified to NASA LaRC.
20 May 2022
Deadline to pay Registration Fee to qualify for Early discounted rate (all attendees).
27 May 2022
All attendees are urged to complete the online Registration Form no later than this date..
6 June 2022
Start date for JPM/PIB/CS/APS/EPSS/ESHS/MSS Joint Subcommittee Meeting.

Author Reminders

Make sure you have an active JANNAF Secure Portal Account a.s.a.p. More info can be found on the Security/Attendance and Portal Requirements page.

Changes to the Final Program due Friday, 22 April 2022.

Papers and Publication Clearance Forms due Friday, 6 May 2022.

Presentations due Friday, 20 May 2022.

Start EARLY--allow at least two to three weeks for completion of your internal and/or customer review process! It is not unusual for the review process to take longer, and some STINFO offices are requiring a minimum lead time of 30 business days, so be sure to plan accordingly.