Visit these pages for important information about other author deliverables.

Below you will find some basic information about papers for this JANNAF meeting.

Once Program Planning Committee decisions have been sent to authors in late February, this page will be updated with important resources for Paper preparation.

Policy Regarding Papers:

  • Papers are required for JANNAF meetings.
  • The JANNAF policy of "No paper, No podium" will be in effect for this meeting.
  • Pre-publication papers will be made available in the Reading Room during the meeting for attendee access.
  • Papers will be published in the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) after the meeting.
  • A Publication Clearance Form must be submitted along with the paper.
  • Papers and associated Presentations can have different distribution statements (see below for additional details)

NOTE: You must have an active JANNAF Secure Portal Account in order to submit a paper, presentation, and Publication Clearance Form.

Papers are due on Friday, 6 May 2021. Instructions for submitting classified papers will differ from instructions to submit unclassified papers.


  • Papers with distribution statement A or C, submitted before or during the meeting, will be made available in both the In-Person and Virtual Reading Room during the meeting
  • Papers submitted for this meeting will be published in the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) within 12 weeks following the conclusion of the meeting
  • Papers with distribution statement B, D, or E, and Classified papers will be included in JDOC with meta-data only.
  • If your paper and presentation have different distribution statements, submit a separate Publication Clearance Form for each.
    Note: When submitting a second Publication Clearance Form, please combine both forms into one folder and compress or "zip" that folder prior to uploading. This will prevent the new form from overwriting the original form submitted.

Preparing Papers:

  • There is no page limit.
  • You may provide an unlimited number of authors on your final paper.
  • Resources for Paper preparation will be provided on the left side of the screen when acceptance notices are distributed, and include:
    • Paper Preparation Guidelines (PDF)
    • Template for preparing Papers (MS Word)
    • Distribution Statement Generator
    • Upload Instructions - Unclassified (PDF) - - login to your JANNAF Secure Portal account required to upload files.
    • Submittal (mailing) Instructions for Classified Files (PDF)