Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications TIM

This Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) will bring together leading experts from the propulsion community to discuss the most advanced technologies in additive manufacturing that are being applied to propulsion components. This forum will be conducive to collaboration and sharing ideas for recent advances and needs for future development. Additive manufacturing is enabling entirely new design approaches and is vital for reducing manufacturing time and cost. As affordability is becoming increasingly critical for space launch systems, new and innovative manufacturing techniques are becoming a mainstream approach to manufacturing. As additive manufacturing becomes more widely accepted for general use, it is necessary to comprehensively understand the area in order to proceed with implementation of the technology into spaceflight applications requiring a high level of reliability.

The Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) Liquid Propulsion Subcommittee (LPS) Advanced Materials Panel will host an Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications TIM on Wednesday and Thursday, 28 - 29 September 2022, at the Jackson Center in Huntsville, Alabama. NASA and the propulsion community are committed to overcoming the challenges to widespread adoption of additive manufacturing into new propulsion systems. NASA, other agencies, industry and academia have realized unprecedented advances in additive manufacturing research and technology development for materials, design, manufacturing, and certification. This TIM is intended to share the results of these efforts, to encourage organizations with similar interests, and provide insight into the plans for future developments.

Meeting Invitation & Final Program

Attend the Technical Interchange Meeting to:

  • Participate in 8 technical sessions over 2 days
  • Network with fellow professionals
  • Learn more about current relevant research and development activities
  • Develop new business opportunities

There is no registration fee to attend this TIM. However, registration is required in order to attend, and pre-registration is strongly recommended. See the Registration page for registration instructions.

The Meeting Invitation provides general information about the TIM, meeting location, and the daily schedule during the two day meeting. To view this public document, click on "Meeting Invitation" on the left side of this page. This document is marked unclassified-unlimited, “Approved for Public Release” (U-A).

The Final Program includes the above information and also provides detailed session agendas, as well. You must have a JANNAF Secure Portal account to view this secure document. Click on "Final Program" on the left side of this page to log in or to create an account. If you do not currently have a Portal account, please allow sufficient time for this process as it may take several days to complete. Note that the Final Program is marked with limited-distribution notations and must be treated as such upon download or printing.


The overall security level of this Technical Interchange Meeting is Unclassified. All sessions will be held at the Jackson Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Attendance is restricted to U.S. citizens employed by a DoD, DoE, or NASA facility, or with a DoD, DoE or NASA contractor facility eligible for receipt of militarily-critical technical data. No foreign nationals will be permitted to attend.

Please visit the Registration page for important information regarding security, attendance requirements, and registration guidelines.


The purpose of the JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee is to coordinate fundamental research, exploratory development, and advanced development programs; standardize procedures and nomenclature; promote and facilitate the exchange of technical information; and accomplish problem solving in areas of joint agency interest on propulsion systems used in missiles, rockets, boosters, spaceplane, spacecraft, satellites, and guns. JANNAF subcommittees focus their resources on technical issues of interest to the JANNAF agencies.

The purpose of the LPS Advanced Materials Panel is to provide a forum for exchanging material and related data to aid in the application of materials to rocket propulsion components and to motivate the development of new materials and processes.

Attendee Timeline


Weeks before Meeting


21 June 2022


Deadline for receipt of abstracts.

18 July 2022


Acceptance/rejection letters sent to authors.

4 August 2022


Deadline for changes to Meeting Invitation and Preliminary Program.

15 August 2022


Invitation, Preliminary Program, and registration materials forwarded to propulsion community.

12 September 2022


Deadline for receipt of charts and clearance forms.

12 September 2022


Registration Deadline.

28 September 2022


JANNAF LPS AMP Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications Technical Interchange Meeting