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Questions about completing the presentation clearance form?

Contact ERG 410.992.7300.

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Contact Kathleen Rowan at 410.992.7300 x 208 or email to

Withdrawing your presentation?

Contact Kathleen Rowan at 410.992.7300 x 208 or email to


Author Guidelines

Information needed to successfully format, complete, and submit your Presentation for the Liquid Propulsion Subcommittee (LPS) / Advanced Materials Panel (AMP) Additive Manufacturing for Prpulsion Applications Technical Interchange Meeting is listed below, along with important deadline information. Please refer to this site often for program updates and author alerts.


It is acceptable for this conference to submit presentation charts only. Papers are welcome, but presentation charts are sufficient. Whether the author submits a paper or charts only, an abstract is still required.

JANNAF adheres to its "no paper, no podium" policy. Please submit your paper and/or presentation, and paper/presentation clearance form by the specified deadline. See the Paper/Presentation Guidelines for useful information when preparing your paper. A template for formatting your paper is available for download here. Papers are due on Tuesday, August 09, 2016.


Thirty minutes, unless noted in the program, is allotted for your presentation and includes a post-presentation question/answer and discussion period. The information contained in the Paper/Presentation Guidelines will assist you in preparing your presentation. A tutorial on saving presentations in the proper format can be found here. Please note that limited assistance will be available onsite and that presentations submitted at the meeting will be uploaded to the session laptop as-is. Presentations are due on Tuesday, August 09, 2016.

Presentation Clearance Form

Presentation clearance forms are due on Tuesday, August 09, 2016. Click on Presentation Clearance Form to download the required form.  The clearance form must include the applicable distribution statement and the appropriate signature. Please call ERG at (410) 992-7300 if you need assistance completing this form; papers cannot be presented without the completed form. Please note that if a revised paper is submitted, a revised paper clearance form is required.

Poster Presentations

If your abstract has been accepted for presentation as a poster, the poster should describe your abstract and the salient points you would like to make.

Posters will be on display on Tuesday through Thursday, 23 - 25 August 2016. The Posters will be displayed in the pre-function area directly outside Discovery Hall where the technical discussions will be held. During the conduct of the TIM, there will be numerous breaks providing multiple opportunities for you to discuss your technology with other attendees.

The required Poster format is 20” x 24”. One easel will be provided for your use. In addition to preparing your physical poster, please plan to submit an electronic version of your poster or equivalent PowerPoint slides that you would have presented. A presentation clearance form will also be required for poster presentations. These items are needed for documentation of the TIM. The due date for the electronic version of your poster or your PowerPoint slides, and the presentation clearance form is Tuesday, August 09, 2016.

Distribution Statement Generator

Unclassified presentations are required to have an accurate distribution statement on the first slide. Click on the Distribution Statement Generator to answer a few brief questions and generate your distribution statement, which can then be cut and pasted into your first slide.

Withdraw a Presentation

If circumstances force you to withdraw your presentation, please inform both your session chair and Kathleen Rowan as soon as possible at or (410) 992-7300 x 208.

Author Timeline


Weeks before Meeting


May 13, 2016


Deadline for receipt of abstracts.

Jun 17, 2016


Acceptance/rejection letters sent to authors.

Jul 01, 2016


Deadline for changes to meeting invitation and preliminary program.

Jul 15, 2016


Invitation, preliminary program, and registration materials forwarded to propulsion community.

Aug 09, 2016


Deadline for receipt of charts and clearance forms.

Aug 09, 2016


Deadline for receipt of registration certification forms.

Aug 23, 2016


JANNAF AMP Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications TIM 2016

Author Reminders

The presentation and presentation clearance deadline is Tuesday, August 09, 2016.