Objective: The JANNAF Programmatic and Industrial Base (PIB) Committee was created with the approval of the updated JANNAF Charter by the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 2014. As stated in the Charter, the “Programmatic and industrial base areas of interest include integrated program plans and key decision points; industrial base assessments; risks and opportunities with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience; identification of commonality, innovative acquisition, and partnership opportunities; integrated assessments to identify rocket propulsion industrial base (RPIB) rationalization opportunities; special actions from senior agency, department, or Executive Office of the President (EOP) leadership; and information provided to decision makers for either situational awareness or policy decisions."

The PIB seeks presentations on topics related to the areas of interest as described above from the JANNAF Charter.
Due to the nature of these topics, two types of sessions will be held:

  1. Open to all JANNAF meeting attendees
  2. Restricted to U.S. Government personnel and direct support contractors

Note that publication of full papers is optional for the PIB open sessions. At a minimum, presentations provided in the open sessions will be published.

In particular, presentations are sought that address the following special topics associated with types of rocket propulsion systems.

  • Health of the domestic rocket propulsion industrial base
  • Rocket propulsion supply chain
  • The effect of reduced federal budgets on the rocket propulsion industrial base
  • The effects of commercial space on the rocket propulsion industrial base
  • The role of the government in supporting the rocket propulsion industrial base
  • The effects of the aging work force on the development and production of rocket propulsion
  • The role of academia in support of the rocket propulsion industry base

Those interested in submitting abstracts for the PIB open sessions should complete and submit the PIB Abstract Submittal Form (pdf) as instructed on page 3 of the PIB Addendum to the Call for Papers (pdf).

Those interested in submitting abstracts for the session restricted to U.S. Government and direct support contractors should contact the PIB chairs directly (see below).

Dr. Kendall K. Brown, NASA-MSFC/Huntsville
Telephone:   (256) 544-5938

Mr. Kirk V. Sharp, JHU-CADRE/Long Beach, MS
Telephone:   (228) 234-5423