The JANNAF Workshop is reserved for bringing the community together to address a specific task or problem, the outcome of which is important and substantial enough to warrant the publication of a final report detailing the discussions, conclusions, and recommendations that resulted from the workshop. The workshop final report and accompanying presentations will be published separately from the JANNAF meeting proceedings.

Requirements for JANNAF workshops and established best practices can be found in the Guide for JANNAF Workshop Chairs; this document will guide you through the planning and approval process for workshops held at a JANNAF meeting.

To request a workshop you must submit a Workshop Request Form to your CADRE Technical Liaison or Shelley Cohen at This form must be submitted to CADRE by 13 February 2015. The agenda and invitation list is due 16 March 2015, and must be approved no later than 20 April 2015 for inclusion in the final program.

Specialist Sessions

A JANNAF Specialist Session is an opportunity for experts in a specific technical area to meet to stimulate ideas and contributions from the audience.  These sessions are dedicated to a single topic and often include invited presentations.  The organization of these sessions is similar to a regular JANNAF paper session with time allocated to individual presentations; however, specialist sessions often include moderator lead discussion periods or a question and answer session with expert panelists. Unlike a regular JANNAF paper session, the Chair of a Specialist Session may choose whether or not to require papers. Additionally, unlike a regular JANNAF paper session, the presentations from Specialist Sessions are published as part of the meeting proceedings. This can include an executive summary authored by the session chair if desired.

To request a Specialist Session for this JANNAF meeting a Specialist Session Request Form must be submitted to CADRE. This form requires a statement of justification for the Specialist Session as well as a well thought out agenda. Requests will be reviewed by the designated JANNAF subcommittee TSG chair and CADRE for approval; this approval is necessary for any Specialist Session to be included in the final program. A specialist session within a JANNAF joint subcommittee meeting is scheduled as a regular technical session.

The deadline for submission of a Specialist Session request is 13 February 2015. If you have any questions about planning a Specialist Session please contact your CADRE Technical Liaison or Shelley Cohen at