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JANNAF Secure On-Line Accounts Now Available

The Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) has developed a secure portal to communicate JANNAF activities to the propulsion community. Qualifications to obtain access to this new portal are the same as those required to participate in a JANNAF meeting:
    • the individual must be a U.S. Citizen and employed by a U.S. Government agency;
    • contractors must be U.S. Citizens, registered for receipt of militarily-critical technical data (ITAR) with the Defense Logistics Agency; and working on a current U.S. Government contract. (Individuals certified for receipt of military-critical technical data but not working on a current contract may still obtain sponsorship from a U.S. Government representative.)
Meeting Invitations
Meeting Invitations will be marked unclassified-unlimited, “Approved for Public Release…” (U-A) and available on the public JANNAF website. This document will consist of: administrative information to attend the meeting; technical highlights of the meeting including the Keynote Address; tables segregated by subcommittee listing their respective panel meetings, workshops, working groups, and specialist sessions; and an overall block diagram of the concurrent technical sessions (titles only). 
JANNAF Preliminary and Final Meeting Programs
Preliminary and Final Meeting programs include detailed session agendas, along with the Meeting Invitation, as described above. Each session agenda provides the order of papers, paper titles and authors. The Preliminary and Final Programs for JANNAF meetings will be published as unclassified-limited, “Distribution authorized to U.S. Government and their contractors …” (U-C). These documents will be available on the secure JANNAF website for print and/or download; the Final meeting programs will be posted on the secure site approximately three weeks prior to the meeting and distributed to attendees at the meetings. Remember, Preliminary and Final programs will be marked with limited-distribution notations and must be treated as such upon download, print or receipt at a meeting. 
Meeting Registrations
Once you have an active JANNAF Secure Portal account, you are qualified to attend unclassified JANNAF meetings. Registration for future meetings will be via the JANNAF Secure Portal. In order for meeting registration to be accepted, it is important that users assure their Secure Portal access remains active by adhering to portal password security protocols. Additionally, if the attendee/portal user is a contractor, the contract expiration date must surpass the actual meeting dates. Note that payment of the meeting registration fee is handled separately and does not require a JANNAF Secure Portal account. 
JANNAF Workspace
Both the Technical and Programmatic Industrial Base (PIB) of JANNAF now have a secure workspace to actively support projects, manage membership, and work on document files complete with an automated version control mechanism. Each technical subcommittee and PIB working group has been provided a section within the secure portal. Leaders of the respective groups are able to manage membership, content, and are considered “moderators” of their group. 
Create your JANNAF Secure Portal account now!
Go to www.jannaf.org and click on “Create new account” (located in the top right corner of the page) to complete the electronic CVF. Upon submission, the form will automatically be directed to your Facility Security Officer or Human Resource Department to certify citizenship and employment. For contractors, the form will also be directed to your Program Manager to confirm contract status. This process will not be immediate—you should allow sufficient time for the form to be completed and your account established.
The June 2015 JANNAF Meeting Invitation and Preliminary Program will be posted soon. Act now so you’ll be ready to view the full program and register to attend!
Questions concerning your eligibility or completing the CVF should be directed to CPIAC at 410-992-7300 or email info@erg.jhu.edu.
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