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August 2015 Meeting Invitation & Preliminary Program

Please join us 4-5 August 2015 to participate in the 
Green Monopropellant Alternatives to Hydrazine 
Technical Interchange Meeting
Jackson Center
Huntsville, AL
Hosted by
The Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF)
Interagency Propulsion Committee
The National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems (NIRPS)
The Program Includes: 
  • 9 technical sessions with 37 presentations over two days
  • poster presentations
  • networking opportunities 
Click here to review the Meeting Invitation. This document provides general information about the meeting, meeting location, the technical session schedule (session titles only), and other useful information for planning your participation.
To view the Preliminary Program, which includes detailed session agendas in addition to the information provided in the Meeting Invitation (as described above), you must have a JANNAF Secure Portal Account. Click on the link (Preliminary Program) to login or to create an account if you do not have one. When creating an account, please allow sufficient time for this process as it may take several days to complete. 
For more information about how (and why) to obtain a JANNAF Secure Portal account, please visit the FAQ Page of the meeting website. 
Registration is now open for the August 2015 Green Monopropellant Alternatives to Hydrazine Technical Interchange Meeting (GMAH TIM). There is no registration fee to attend this TIM. However, all attendance requirements must still be met (see Security/Attendance Requirements on the Registration Page of the GMAH TIM website). Pre-registration is strongly recommended.
For registration information and links, please visit the Registration Page of the GMAH TIM website. Registration for the meeting does require a JANNAF Secure Portal account. Once you have your Portal account, be sure to complete the online Registration Questionnaire to complete your meeting registration. Simply click on "Register for the GMAH TIM" on the left side of the Registration Page, log into your Portal account, and complete the brief questionnaire. 
General information about the GMAH TIM can be found at
Questions about creating a JANNAF Secure Portal account should be addressed to
Please contact Shelley Cohen, JANNAF Meeting Manager, with any meeting-related questions you may have: (410) 992-7302, x215 or
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