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JANNAF Journal Online Prepublication Program Now Live

JANNAF Journal Electronic Prepublication Program Launches with Energetics Synthesis Article!
The JANNAF Journal is happy to announce that its new electronic prepublication program is now live. This program allows authors and readers to access articles much sooner than when the full volume is published annually. Publication-ready articles will be available electronically via JDOC, the JANNAF Digital Online Collection, as soon as they have been accepted for publication, edited, and approved by the author(s). Articles published electronically will still be available in print in the annual JANNAF Journal volume released each December. The first electronic prepublication article, dealing with chemical synthesis in energetic materials, may be accessed via JDOC by searching for Abstract Number 2020-0001A. Future electronic prepublication articles will be announced via the news section on the front page of the JANNAF website.
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