JANNAF December 2020 Meeting Preliminary Program & Registration | Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force

JANNAF December 2020 Meeting Preliminary Program & Registration

Please join us to participate in the 
Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF)
50th Combustion
38th Airbreathing Propulsion
38th Exhaust Plume and Signatures
32nd Energetic System Hazards
Joint Subcommittee Meeting
Programmatic and Industrial Base Meeting
7 - 17 December 2020
Occurring Virtually via the 
Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) Platform
The Program Includes: 
    • 45 technical sessions
    • 7 specialist session
    • 3 workshops
    • nearly 300 presentations
    • 10 panel meetings
    • 3 town hall meetings
and more over 9 days 
Click here to review the Meeting Invitation. This document provides general information about the meeting, virtual meeting platform, and a detailed daily schedule of technical and specialist sessions, workshops, panel meetings, and town hall meetings being held during the nine days of the meeting.
To view the Preliminary Program, which expands upon the Meeting Invitation with detailed session agendas, you must have a JANNAF Secure Portal Account. Click on the link (Preliminary Program) to login or to create an account if you do not have one. When creating or renewing an account, please allow sufficient time for this process as it may take several days to complete. Important information about creating a JANNAF Secure Portal Account can be found here, and instructions for renewing or resetting the password for your existing account can be found here. Questions about your JANNAF Secure Portal account should be addressed to the JANNAF Security Team, Tricia Frey or Mary Gannaway, or call (410) 992-7300.
Reasons to Attend: 
    • Participate in technical interchange allowing you to stay abreast of current research and development activities in your area of expertise
    • Engage in virtual panel meetings to discuss with your peers in government and industry shared challenges and solutions
    • Qualified attendees are provided access to the entire JANNAF publication archive of limited distribution technical papers, publications, and manuals
    • Take part in open networking discussions as time permits at the end of sessions
Registration is now OPEN for the December 2020 JANNAF meeting. Registration information and links can be found on the Registration Page of the December meeting website. You will need a Portal account to complete the online Registration Form; however, a Portal account is NOT needed to pay the registration fee. To take advantage of the discounted Early registration fee, be sure to complete both the Meeting Registration Form and Registration Payment on or before 23 November.
Be sure to complete the online Meeting Registration Form, which has no financial component, as quickly as possible in order to gain access to the DCS Testing Sessions, scheduled on various dates through late November and early December, and other important but restricted information. 
General information about the December meeting can be found at https://www.jannaf.org/mtgs/2020Dec/pages/index.html.
Please direct any meeting-related questions to the JANNAF Meetings Team, Shelley Cohen or Gabrielle Delisle-Ballard, or call (410) 992-7302. 
We hope to see you online for the 7 - 17 December virtual JANNAF meeting!
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