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JANNAF June 2021 Meeting Announcement & Call for Papers

68th JANNAF Propulsion Meeting (JPM)
Programmatic and Industrial Base Meeting (PIB)
15th Modeling and Simulation (MSS)
12th Liquid Propulsion (LPS)
11th Spacecraft Propulsion (SPS)
Joint Subcommittee Meeting
Meeting Dates:  7 - 17 June 2021
The Announcement and Call for Papers for the 68th JPM and PIB Meeting and 15th MSS / 12th LPS / 11th SPS Joint Subcommittee Meeting can be found on the web at: https://www.jannaf.org/mtgs/2021June/pages/index.html
This meeting will be held Monday to Friday, 7 – 11 June 2021 and Monday to Thursday, 14 to 17 June 2021. Due to uncertainty as to the timing of a widely available Covid-19 vaccine, the meeting will be conducted virtually via the Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) virtual platform. Information about the DCS platform and virtual meeting security measures can be found on the Virtual Platform/Technology page of the June meeting website. 
Abstracts are due on or before Monday, 11 January 2021. All abstracts must be submitted electronically via the new JANNAF Abstract Submittal site. More information and instructions for submitting abstracts can be found in the Call for Papers (beginning on page 3) as well as on the Program page of the June meeting website. 
    • A JANNAF Portal account is NOT needed to submit an abstract.
    • Abstracts can no longer be submitted via email. 
    • All abstracts must be unclassified.
    • Direct questions concerning this meeting to the ERG meeting planning staff: 
Shelley Cohen [(410) 992-7302, ext. 215 / scohen@erg.jhu.edu
Gabrielle Delisle-Ballard [(410) 992-7300, ext. 208 / gdelisle@erg.jhu.edu]
We look forward to your participation!
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