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Computer Codes

As a service to the propulsion and plume/wake/hypersonic flowfield/hardbody signature communities, the JANNAF EPSS (via JHU/ERG) provides several government-sponsored propulsion, flowfield, and signature prediction computer codes colloquially known as the “JANNAF Codes”.
Plume/Wake/Hypersonic Flowfield & Signature Tools
The suite of JANNAF codes has been upgraded to include state of the art tools for plume/wake/hypersonic flowfield and signature tools.
These codes have had a significant amount of investment by the US Government and a limited number of no-cost maintenance licenses are available to US Government users.
Non-government applicants for licenses of these codes will be required to pay the developers' maintenance fees to obtain a license and the tools.
Due to the sensitive nature of the JANNAF codes the details of these codes are available only to logged in users:
Composite Scene Generation Tools
Spectral and In-Band Radiometric Imaging of Targets Scenes (SPIRITS)
Platforms: UNIX, PC(cygwin), source included
The Spectral and In-Band Radiometric Imaging of Targets Scenes (SPIRITS) code is an integrated system of computer programs designed to predict IR/UV/visible spectral and spatial data of aircraft.  Several target modules are available for specific aircraft.
Legacy Tools
Several JANNAF codes have been superseded by newer software and are no longer supported.  However, these legacy tools ( are still available provided sufficient justification is provided.

Application Process
To receive a license to utilize the JANNAF codes each applicant must first obtain a JANNAF Portal account to verify their identity and ability to obtain CUI and DoD limited distribution material.

For the Plume/Wake/Hypersonic Flowfield & Signature Tools each requesting organization must fill out the JANNAF Application & Agreement for Code Release (login required)
In addition, each individual user must complete the User Registration Form (login required)

For SPIRITS each requesting organization must fill out the SPIRITS Application Form and Additional Software User Application & Agreement.
In addition, each individual user must complete the SPIRITS Security Clearance Form.

Once the requestor has a valid JANNAF Portal account and the US Government POC or their authorized representative approves the application for JANNAF codes then the software will be distributed to the requestor via secure electronic method.

Questions on code availability and requests for distribution should be made to ERG at (410) 992-7300, and technical questions can be referred to Nick Keim at (410) 992-9950 ext. 229.

For more information on JANNAF products and services, please contact ERG Customer Service at:
410-992-7300 or e-mail Eligibility Requirements can be found here.