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Rocket Test Group (RTG) Working Group

Rocket Test Group (RTG) is a test facility operators working group meant to enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities. RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket ground test facility operations personnel who are thoroughly knowledgeable of facility and testing operations and have contributed to associated problem solving activities. Any government, industry, or university organization routinely involved in rocket motor/engine testing.

Each member organization will sponsor at least one participant.

RTG Approach:

  • Share operational "Lessons Learned"
  • Share designs/design approaches
  • Share problem solving expertise
  • Share current capabilities
  • Explore operational safety procedures
  • Share newly developed test techniques
  • Share data acquisition techniques
  • Promote equipment sharing
  • Promote operational standardization
  • Critique proposed activation plans and procedures for new systems

This is a working area for the rocket test group members.

The shared files also contain the past proceedings of RTG meetings.