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Modeling & Simulation (MSS) Subcommittee

Technical Objectives

This subcommittee exists to promote and facilitate exchange of technical information; establish guides, procedures, and standards; affect coordination of research, exploratory development, advanced development, and engineering. This subcommittee shall focus on solving problems of joint agency interest for airbreathing, rocket, missile, and spacecraft propulsion through robust, verifiable, and credible simulation in order to reduce acquisition time, total life-cycle cost, and risk.



The Modeling and Simulation Subcommittee activities include model based system engineering (MBSE); integration of propulsion components and integration of propulsion systems with other vehicle systems; uncertainty assessment and management; and integrated health management (IHM). Modeling and simulation ranges from hard computing to soft computing to knowledge-based computing involving simulations of ground-based testing to sub-scale and flight-testing. The credibility assessments of models and simulations include verification and validation (V&V), but exclude certification or accreditation. Guides, procedures or standards are developed for conducting V&V and for managing simulation uncertainty. Modeling and simulation for understanding of phenomena and of propulsion components, and for developing components of propulsion systems are excluded.


Mission Areas

  1. Model-Based Engineering
  2. Integrated Health Management
  3. Simulation Credibility: Uncertainty, Verification, Validation, and Risk
  4. Modeling and Simulation of System Autonomy

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JHU/WSE ERG Technical Representative

Mr. Alex Bishop, JHU-WSE ERG, Columbia, MD