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Energetic Systems Hazards (ESHS) Subcommittee

Technical Objectives

The objectives involve the identification of potential hazards in energetic systems, the application of meaningful analytical/experimental methods for assessing hazard risk, the identification of important hazard technology areas, and the development and standardization of analytical/experimental methods for minimizing the risk of hazards in the different energetic systems considered. Other objectives include the identification and solution of interagency problems, the coordination of interagency sponsored programs, the establishment of nomenclature, and the promotion of technical information and data exchange.



The subcommittee is concerned with potential hazards associated with missile and gun systems. Included are hazard analyses for both tactical and strategic missiles, small and large caliber gun systems, solid and liquid propellant systems, hazards encountered in loading and firing operations, and key technology areas identified from hazard analyses.


Mission Areas

  1. Thermal Decomposition and Cookoff
  2. Impact/Shock-Induced Reactions
  3. Insensitive Munitions Technology
  4. Energetic Systems Vulnerability
  5. Energetic Systems Safety and Hazard Classification
  6. Energetic Liquid Hazards

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JHU/WSE ERG Technical Representative

Mr. William Bagley, JHU-WSE ERG, Columbia, MD