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Spacecraft Propulsion (SPS) Subcommittee

Technical Objectives

The charter of the Spacecraft Propulsion Subcommittee addresses technical problems and issues of national needs associated with technology applied to space-based primary or auxiliary propulsion. These issues (for both system and component level) include design, development, materials, lifetime, performance, ground testing, flight testing, validation, qualification, spacecraft integration, fabrication processes, standards and cost.



Spacecraft propulsion technology issues examined include: chemical propulsion, aerocapture, electric propulsion, micro-thrust propulsion, nuclear thermal propulsion, propellant management, solar sails, solar thermal propulsion, tether systems, and in-space propulsion infrastructure. Possible applications to these technologies are orbit to orbit transfer, attitude control, non-terrestrial ascent/descent, station keeping, deep space, formation flying, drag makeup and orbital rephasing.


Mission Areas

  1. Chemical Propulsion
  2. Electric Propulsion
  3. Cube/Nano Satellite Propulsion
  4. Future Technologies

Click here for descriptions of each mission area.


ERG Technical Representative

Mr. Alex Bishop, JHU-ERG, Columbia, MD