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Account Request Process - Step by Step Instructions

When requesting a portal account please be sure to complete Form-1 and Form-2 in one sitting or your account will automatically delete within 24 hours.  Be sure to have all the information being requested prior to starting.  This is what you will need BEFORE you begin:
All Applicants:
    • Web browser requirement: Enable JavaScript. The portal account request/renew process uses JavaScript.
    • Name, Email Address, and Phone number of your Human Resource (HR) or Facility Security Officer (FSO)
Please contact and explain to your HR/FSO and GSO that they will be receiving an email from "".  There is a potential for this communication to arrive in a “junk” email folder.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
    1. Go to:
    2. Click On: Create new Account.
    3. Type in your email Address and hit Submit.
    4. You’ll get an email with a 6-digit Validation Code and the Web Address.
    5. Go to the Validation webpage and enter your email address and validation code and hit submit.
    6. Form-1 will populate onto the screen.  
    7. Enter your Name, Work Address, Work Phone, and other information.  
    8. Guidance to “Contractors” (non U.S. Government employees):
      1. "Parent Organization" box--Enter your Contractor Organization info Name and Address.
      2. "Sub Organization" box---If your Parent Org has a Sub Org Name please enter in this box.
    9. "Org Type"---Drop down box that must be completed by every applicant.
      1. If a contractor, your “Org Type” is related to the Government Contract and Government Sponsor you will provide.
    10. Review your information before submitting Page 1. If your information is correct Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page. 
    11. Form-2 will populate onto the screen.
    12. Review any pre-filled data.
    13. Provide your HR or FSO's Name, Email Address, and Phone number. Note: You cannot put yourself or your admin's information in this section.
    14. If you are NOT a U.S. Government Employee, please provide the following:
      1. Your GSO's Name, Email Address, and Phone number.
      2. Your Government Contract Number and Expiration date (yyyy-mm-dd).
      3. Your JCP/DLA/DD2345 Certification Number and Expiration date (yyyy-mm-dd).
      4. If you do not know your JCP/DLA/DD2345 Cert Number please contact the Joint Certification Program Office (JCP) at 1-800-352-3572;
    15. Please read the "I understand…" paragraph and check the box.
    16. Sign (by typing) your name. Date will prepopulate.
    17. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
Next you will receive an email to verify that your email address is working. 
    1. Click the link or copy/paste the link into your web browser.  
    2. Once you click the link you should see in the middle of the screen text saying your email address is verified.  
Once your email address is verified, the form will automatically flow to your HR or FSO to request their approval.  When that approval is done, the form will again automatically flow to your GSO.  When approved, the JHU WSE ERG Security Team will be alerted to review and give final approval of your account. Once final approval occurs you’ll receive a “Welcome” email with a link to create your password.