A critical function of the JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee is dissemination and archiving of its technical information exchange activities.  These include:

This information, along with collaborative efforts from members of the propulsion community, is also used to:

All of this is information provided by the community for the community!

A technical and bibliographic inquiry service is also available to the JANNAF community.  For more extensive efforts, JANNAF offers a forum for specialized, cost-effective, extended technical assistance that may take the form of:

    • Technical problem solving, analyses, or assessments; 
    • Specialized database development; 
    • Providing subject matter expertise; 
    • Performing special studies; and 
    • Conference planning and management.

For more information on JANNAF products and services, please contact ERG Customer Service at:
410-992-7300 or e-mail Eligibility Requirements can be found here.