JANNAF concerns itself with the technology, development, and production capabilities for all types of propulsion systems and energetics for tactical, strategic and missile defense rockets and missiles, for space boost and orbit transfer, for in-space propulsion, and for gun systems. JANNAF provides a forum for discussion of propulsion issues, challenges, and opportunities across the Military Departments, Defense Agencies and NASA. There are two principal areas of JANNAF: the Technical Committee and the Programmatic and Industrial Base (PIB) Committee.

JANNAF Technical
Technical areas of interest include chemical synthesis; thermochemistry; combustion phenomena; physical, chemical, and mechanical properties and manufacturing process development of propellants, explosives, and fuels; special test equipment and techniques; theoretical and experimental...

JANNAF Programmatic & Industrial Base (PIB)
Programmatic and industrial base areas of interest include integrated program plans and key decision points; industrial base assessments; risks and opportunities with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience; identification of commonality, innovative acquisition, and partnership...

Booster Propulsion Tech Maturation BAA Projects
Collaboration sites for each of the Booster Propulsion Technology Maturation BAA projects.

SMC - Advanced Systems and Development
SMC Rapid Innovation Fund projects.

Rocket Test Group (RTG)
Rocket Test Group (RTG) is a test facility operators working group meant to enhance rocket ground test operational effort, reduce ground test costs and facilitate activation of new facilities. RTG is an entirely volunteer organization of rocket ground test facility operations personnel who are...