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JANNAF focuses on the technology, development, and production capabilities for all types of propulsion systems and energetics for tactical, strategic and missile defense rockets and missiles, for space boost and orbit transfer, for in-space propulsion, and for gun systems. JANNAF will provide a forum for discussion of propulsion issues, challenges, and opportunities across the Military Departments, Defense Agencies and NASA.

  • Technical areas of interest include chemical synthesis; thermochemistry;  combustion phenomena; physical, chemical, and mechanical properties and manufacturing process development of propellants, explosives, and fuels; special test equipment and techniques; theoretical and experimental performance; analytical test techniques; component and propulsion  unit design; nondestructive evaluation; operational serviceability; life-cycle costs; reliability; environment protection; exhaust plume technology; interior ballistics; material areas specifically related to missile, space, and gun propulsion; and the evaluation of hazards and safety measures related to these areas.
  • Programmatic and industrial base areas of interest include integrated program plans and key decision points; industrial base assessments; risks and opportunities with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience; identification of commonality, innovative acquisition, and partnership opportunities;  integrated assessments to identify rocket propulsion industrial base (RPIB) rationalization opportunities; special actions from senior agency, department, or Executive Office of the President (EOP) leadership; and information provided to decision makers for either situational awareness or policy decisions.
The charter for JANNAF, dated 19 June 2014, is available here.

In 1946, the Navy Bureau of Ordnance stressed “the need for a rocket intelligence agency with one main responsibility – that of promoting rapid circulation of technical information to all activities concerned.” On September 11, 1946, the Bureau made $20,000 available to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory  (JHU/APL) for the establishment of a Rocket Propellant Intelligence Agency (RPIA).  Read More.
The Johns Hopkins University, Energetics Reseach Group (ERG) provides technical and administrative support to the Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) Interagency Propulsion Committee in the fields of missile, space, and gun propulsion in accordance with the JANNAF Agreement and Charter. ERG assists the JANNAF Executive Committee and its many technical subcommittees and their associate technical panels in the planning, administration, and documentation of their technical and administrative activities and meetings; and in the maintenance of JANNAF manuals and handbooks. For more information or comments contact ERG.