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The JANNAF Journal of Propulsion and Energetics

The JANNAF Journal of Propulsion and Energetics was established in 2006 by the JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee as a forum for members of the propulsion community to submit scholarly manuscripts that have been designated for peer review and formal publication. It is comprised of scholarly technical papers, written by distinguished authors from across all segments of the propulsion industry. The JANNAF Journal is an annual publication, released each December at the renowned JANNAF Propulsion Meeting and distributed complimentary at both the spring and winter JANNAF meetings. It is also available for purchase year-round. The Journal provides scientists, researchers, and other technical specialists the opportunity to share information that would otherwise go unpublished, allowing readers access to controlled data that could further their own work.  It covers a broad range of topics in the areas of systems and components, propulsion and energetic materials technology, and systems applications.

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