JANNAF June 2015 Meeting Invitation & Preliminary Program | Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force

JANNAF June 2015 Meeting Invitation & Preliminary Program

Please join us at the Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel, 1-5 June 2015 to participate in the 
Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF)
62nd JANNAF Propulsion Meeting / Programmatic and Industrial Base / 
10th Modeling and Simulation / 8th Liquid Propulsion / 7th Spacecraft Propulsion 
Joint Subcommittee Meeting
The Program Includes: 
    • 45 technical sessions with over 250 papers
    • 11 workshops and specialist sessions
    • 13 panel meetings and working group meetings and more over 4 days
Click here to review the Meeting Invitation. This document provides general information about the meeting, meeting location, the technical session block diagram (session titles only), and a chart of other meetings being held during the five days of the meeting.
To view the Preliminary Program, which includes detailed session agendas, in addition to the information provided in the Meeting Invitation (as described above), you must have a JANNAF Secure Portal Account. Click on Preliminary Program to login or to create an account if you do not have one. When creating an account, please allow sufficient time for this process as it may take several days to complete. 
IMPORTANT: When creating an account on the JANNAF Secure Portal...
All Users Will Need:  
  • Name, phone, and email of your HR or FSO who will certify citizenship and employment
  • Hints: 
  1. Don't overlook the required “Org Type” currently defaulting to “Air Force.” The correct organization type (DoD, NASA, Industry, etc.) must be accurate to successfully complete the new account process.
  2. Account requests must be completed in their entirety. They are not saved and/or available for editing and e-mail addresses cannot be duplicated.
Industry/Academia Will Need:
  • DLA (a.k.a. DD 2345) Certification Number
  • Name, phone, and email of your Government Sponsoring Official (GSO), contract number with expiration date
Attention DoD 
An approval package to certify the June 2015 JANNAF Meeting as a “government approved” conference has been submitted by Mr. Stuart Blashill, Chair of the JANNAF Executive Committee from the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, CA.
DoD approval of conferences takes several months and judging from past meetings, may not be received until just prior to the start of the June meeting. Interested DoD attendees are strongly encouraged to obtain a JANNAF Secure Portal account now and register for the meeting. This step does not require travel or training office approval since it does not include a financial committment. Payment of the registration fee may be completed as soon as permitted. 
Reasons to Attend: 
    • Network with fellow professionals, including DoD/NASA program managers and decision-makers in the propulsion industry 
    • Learn more about current research and development activities in your area of expertise
    • Develop new business opportunities
    • Future employment networking opportunities for student attendees at a discounted registration fee 
Registration is now open for the June 2015 meeting. For registration information and links, please visit the Registration Page of the June meeting website. Registration for the meeting does require a JANNAF Secure Portal account; however, please be aware that Registration payment is a secondary step that does not require a portal account. 
General information about the June meeting can be found at https://www.jannaf.org/mtgs/June2015/pages/index.html.
Questions about creating a JANNAF Secure Portal account should be addressed to cpiac@cpiac.jhu.edu.
Please contact Shelley Cohen, JANNAF Meeting Manager, with any meeting-related questions you may have: (410) 992-7302, x215 or scohen@cpiac.jhu.edu.
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