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JANNAF Programmatic & Industrial Base (PIB)  

Programmatic and industrial base areas of interest include integrated program plans and key decision points; industrial base assessments; risks and opportunities with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience; identification of commonality, innovative acquisition, and partnership opportunities; integrated assessments to identify rocket propulsion industrial base (RPIB) rationalization opportunities; special actions from senior agency, department, or Executive Office of the President (EOP) leadership; and information provided to decision makers for either situational awareness or policy decisions.

Programmatic and Industrial Base Executive Committee
The JANNAF Programmatic and Industrial Base Executive Committee (PEC) is responsible for the effective operation of the programmatic and industrial base committee activities. The PEC consists of representatives of the key programmatic and industrial base stakeholder organizations, including appointees from the Military Departments and Agencies, NASA, and other U.S. Government agencies as necessary.

Programmatic and Industrial Base Working Groups
The PEC establishes Working Groups, both standing and ad hoc, as needed to conduct activities in accordance with it's Charter.

Programmatic and Industrial Base Senior Advisory Group
The PIB Senior Advisory Group (SAG) provides guidance to the JANNAF PEC and is responsible for information dissemination between the PIB Committee and higher-level leaders and decision makers. The PIB SAG is comprised of flag officers and senior executives with responsibility for programs and projects which utilize the products and capabilities of the rocket propulsion industrial base. The PIB SAG is co-chaired by a DoD and a NASA representative to ensure that the SAG membership is representative of all rocket propulsion sectors.