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Peer Review Process

The editors-in-chief will conduct the first examination of your manuscript and make a determination based on the following: 
    • appropriateness for the JANNAF Journal, 
    • technical validity,
    • and archival merit. 
After initial examination, your manuscript will be forwarded to: 
    • an associate editor (AE), who has direct knowledge of the subject matter, 
    • and to several expert reviewers in the field, who will be identified and recruited by the AE. 
During this process, the managing editor will also review the manuscript to perform a preliminary editorial check and identify areas that must be addressed before more thorough editing and production can begin, e.g., distracting structure, missing figures, incomplete references. 
The AE, with explicit justification, may accept, reject, or request changes to the manuscript. While the technical and editorial review reports are given considerable significance, the decision to publish your manuscript lies first with the AE and ultimately with the editors-in-chief. 
As author, you will be kept informed of the manuscript’s status and any requests for changes that may be required throughout this process. Formal acceptance and publication will not occur until you have addressed all revision requests and complied the checklist of requirements provided on page 4 of the Author Guide. The editorial staff will make the final decision on manuscript publication.