How to Order

JANNAF products and services are available to all qualified individuals within the propulsion community.  Cost varies upon the type of product or service requested and if the recipients’ organization is a DoD or NASA block funding organization or a ERG subscriber.  
Non-Government:  DoD and NASA contractors interested in obtaining a JANNAF product or service must be a U.S. citizen and have a current Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD2345 Form) on file with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Joint Certification Office and be certified by a sponsoring government official to confirm current work being performed under a government contract.   The telephone number for DLA is 1-800-352-3572 and this information can also be viewed at their website at  Non-government individuals must complete Sections I through III of the Customer Verification Form.
Government:  Certification of U.S. citizenship and current employment for all DoD and NASA employees must be documented by completing Sections I and II of the Customer Verification Form.
ERG Customer Service
Please contact ERG Customer Service for specific pricing, eligibility requirements, or subscription information at:
10630 Little Patuxent Parkway
Suite 202
Columbia, MD 21044-3286