JANNAF News is ERG's current awareness newsletter for the propulsion community, highlighting JANNAF activities and products and services available at ERG. The newsletter is released bi-annually and is available in PDF format and free of charge.

2019JANNAF News Volume 8, Issue 1  
2018JANNAF News Volume 7, Issue 1JANNAF News Volume 7, Issue 2 
2017JANNAF News Volume 6, Issue 1JANNAF News Volume 6, Issue 2 
2016JANNAF News Volume 5, Issue 1JANNAF News Volume 5, Issue 2 
2015JANNAF News Volume 4, Issue 1  
2014JANNAF News Volume 3, Issue 1JANNAF News Volume 3, Issue 2  
2013JANNAF News Volume 2, Issue 1  
2012JANNAF News Volume 1, Issue 1  

Archived copies of the CPIAC Bulletin (the predecessor to the JANNAF News) are available here.

For more information on JANNAF products and services, please contact ERG Customer Service at:
410-992-7300 or e-mail Eligibility Requirements can be found here.