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Technical Inquiries

JANNAF provides a mechanism for DoD and NASA to securely collaborate in a CUI (CTI, ITAR) compliant environment. Access to the collaboration space requires an active JANNAF Account. The space is hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Energetics Research Group as part of the technical and administrative support contract for JANNAF.
JANNAF Secure Collaboration Space
  • Ask JANNAF – community to community Q&A where questions and answers are subject to a collaborative voting process to ensure high quality responses are ranked highly.
  • Subcommittee & Panel file sharing and knowledgebase using wiki-style pages.
  • Ad Hoc team collaboration spaces on request with support for large files and file/folder individual and group access controls
  • Dedicated space for distribution of JANNAF Codes.
  • Contact Us to inquire how you can utilize the secure collaborative space.
  • JANNAF Secure Collaboration Space (login required)

JANNAF Technical Service Desk
  • U.S. military, civil servants, and JHU ERG subscribers can submit support tickets and request papers and technical inquiry services.
  • All JANNAF Account holders may submit requests for information, securely transmit files to JANNAF, request IT support, request JANNAF codes, and submit manuscripts for consideration in the JANNAF Journal.
  • JANNAF Technical Service Desk (login required, click "Use Corportate Login")