About JHU WSE Energetics Research Group

The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) Energetics Research Group (ERG) serves the aerospace and defense industries as a U.S. national resource and nexus for scientifically based technical research, and analysis of energetics, explosives and propulsion systems. Formerly known as CPIAC, and most recently as CADRE, the ERG continues a 75-year legacy of connecting the public and private sector to advance scientific discovery through the application of technical research and analysis, laboratory experimentation for generating and publishing new data, open and classified conference planning, and team building.

In its 34th year with the JHU WSE, the ERG, a small dedicated group of full time staff, Subject Matter Experts, small businesses and academic partners both within and outside of JHU, will continue to serve as a trusted and independent member of the aerospace and defense community. As a non-profit cost recovery operation, the ERG is funded through direct contracts and grants with public and private sponsors.

Information on the ERG products and services can be obtained by contacting JHU WSE ERG at:

Tel:        (410) 992-7300
Email:    info@erg.jhu.edu
Web:     www.erg.jhu.edu