Objective: The JANNAF Programmatic and Industrial Base (PIB) Committee was created with the approval of the JANNAF Charter by the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 2014. Its focus is on providing a mechanism for DoD and NASA to collaboratively identify and manage risks and issues within the propulsion industrial base, and to work together to solve them. This requires an integrated understanding of each program's plans and key decision points, and how those decisions may impact the propulsion industrial base. PIB activities include industrial base assessments, which identify risks and opportunities with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience; identification of commonality, innovative acquisition, and partnership opportunities; integrated assessments to identify rocket propulsion industrial base (RPIB) rationalizational opportunities; special actions from senior agency, department, or Executive Office of the President (EOP) leadership; and information provided to decision makers for either situational awareness or policy decisions.

JHU WSE ERG Technical Representative
Mr. Kirk V. Sharp, JHU WSE ERG / Columbia, MD
Telephone:  (228) 864-5423