Meeting Proceedings

The Proceedings from this meeting will be published electronically via the JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) approximately 12 weeks following the meeting's conclusion. Between the end of the meeting and publication of the Proceedings, ERG staff works to vet all submitted papers and presentations for appropriate distribution statements and, where applicable, CUI markings.

Papers are required for this meeting, and those submitted will be published in JDOC. In addition to papers, presentations for this meeting will be published to JDOC as well, unless the presentation's Publication Clearance Form indicates that it may not be published. In rare exceptions to the paper requirement rule, occasionally Specialist Sessions and Workshops include "Presentation Only" talks, in which case only the presentation will be published to JDOC in place of a paper.

For papers or presentations marked with a Distribution Statement other than A or C, only the metadata will be published and the paper (or presentation) will be available to qualified individuals by request only.

Fully registered meeting attendees will receive complimentary access to these files, and will be notified when they have been published (not available to student registrants). Instructions will be provided at that time.

Meeting Proceedings Questions
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