Registration at a Glance

Registration is now open!

Please make note of these Important Registration Dates


Registration Action

Friday, 5 April

Complete your registration form and payment by this date to qualify for the discounted Early registration fee.

Friday, 19 April

Last day to pre-register (at the higher regular regular rate). Complete both the registration form and payment by this date. Pre-registration will close at the end of the day so that we may provide the hotel and other vendors with required counts. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

Sunday, 5 May

The online registration form and the registration payment site will re-open at 8:00 a.m. EDT. Use your own device to complete any remaining registration step(s). Please be sure you have completed both steps of the registration process prior to arriving at the JANNAF On-site Check-in Desk at the hotel.

Monday, 6 May

JANNAF On-site Check-in Desk opens at 10:00 a.m. CDT. If you did not pre-register, your first stop is the Registration Verification station so we can confirm your registration is complete.

Click here for helpful registration tips and contacts.

Registration Pre-Requisite

If you are planning to attend this meeting, we urge you to begin the process now to obtain the required JANNAF Secure Portal Account.

  • The Portal Account is NOT meeting registration and there is no associated financial obligation.
  • Registration cannot be completed without an active Portal Account.
  • The Portal Account pre-requisite can and should be completed before registration opens in approximately mid-March. There is no reason to wait until registration opens or you've received attendance approval to apply for or renew your account. The Portal account has other benefits/uses in addition to being a registration pre-requisite.
  • More Portal Account information is available on the Security/Attendance Requirements page.
  • If you are a University participant (student or professor), click here for additional qualification requirements.

Learn more about the registration pre-requisite and registration steps HERE.

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